Givenchy reveals Le Rouge a Porter balms

Givenchy reveals Le Rouge a Porter balms

Parfums Givenchy has announced the launch of Le Rouge a Porter, a new lip balm that comes two years after the launch of the Le Rouge Givenchy lipstick.

The product offers a balance between lipstick and lip care, with a new formula that nourishes lips while providing a sheer colour.

Packaged in a real leather case, it is available in a range of 16 colours across three colour categories: Les Naturels, from powdery beiges to pale browns; Les Roses, which range from Rose Aristocrate to Corail Décolleté; and Les Créations, bold shades from an intense vermillion to mocha.

Givenchy Le Rouge a Porter will have a stylish leather packaging. There will be available 16 shades divided into 4 categories raging from naturals like pale beige and light brows, to rosy and coral shades and finishing with intense and bold red or mocha coffee.

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Shades:

101 Nude Ultime – beige Nude
102 Beige Mousseline – brown-beige
103 Beige Plumetis – peach-beige
104 Beige Floral – pink and beige
105 Brun Vintage – dark plum
106 Parme Silhouette – muted plum
201 Rose Aristocrate – warm pink
202 Rose Fantaisie – cold pink
203 Rose Avant-Garde – light pink
204 Rose Perfecto – fuchsia
205 Violine Inspiration – dark purple
206 Corail Decollete – red-pink
301 Vermillon Creation – red
302 Rouge Atelier – pink and burgundy
303 Framboise Griffee – berry
304 Moka Imprime – mocha

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