Glenfiddich Cask Collection gets the blues in stylish revamp

Glenfiddich Cask Collection gets the blues in stylish revamp

This October’s duty-free trade show, TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes, sees the unveiling of a refreshed new look for Glenfiddich Cask Collection.

The change of packaging reflects a bold and differentiated brand image positioning. William Grant & Sons (WGS) has reworked the travel retail exclusive collection of these three very different single malt profiles, all based on the Solera vat process, to give clearer shelf stand out, improved consumer appeal and help better signpost Glenfiddich.

“Single malts are the fastest growing spirit category in travel retail and, while Glenfiddich Cask Collection has been very well received since its launch into market last year, we felt it would benefit from a more modern and contemporary look which – at the same time – would better highlight the exclusivity and story behind the Solera vat process,” says WGS Global Travel Retail Managing Director Ed Cottrell.

The Solera process, pioneered by Glenfiddich in 1998 to create its 15 Year Old, marries handpicked single malt whiskies together for at least two months, creating rich, balanced whiskies with complex flavours. The process guarantees the continuity of the whisky’s flavour and taste by ensuring each vat is never less than half full and is constantly replenished. The new handcrafted wooden vats, created exclusively for the Cask Collection, are found with the original Solera vat in the atmospheric Warehouse 8 at the heart of The Glenfiddich Distillery.

“Solera is such an asset to the brand. The refreshed look marks a milestone for Glenfiddich in high-lighting the exclusivity and brand creation story behind Solera in a much more visually disruptive way than we have done before,” explains Cottrell.

WGS consumer research has shown that the majority of travel retail shoppers make their purchase decision in-store and are hugely influenced by what they see on the fixtures.

Stand out through design is therefore key to generate sales success with colour playing an important psychological role.

For Select and Reserve Casks, shades of blue have been chosen to reflect a clear step up between the two – helping shoppers to navigate through the range and encourage existing purchasers to trade up. “Blue is a colour that you have to use with the ultimate target in mind,” continues Cottrell. “It is universally the most liked colour by both males and females relating to trust, honesty and reliability, strength and unity. But different shades have very different psychological meanings. For Select Cask we have used a vibrant blue that aims to recruit younger consumers entering the category from premium blend, bourbon or adjacent categories. The deeper blue Reserve Cask colour reflects the richer and more complex nature of the spirit and will appeal to a more mature drinker, while the out-er box for Vintage is a darker blue still to distinguish the expression as appealing to those looking for further depth and maturity.”

The blue tones are repeated on the labels and foil caps of both Select and Reserve Cask bottles, while Vintage Cask uses copper colouring, psychologically associated with premium and quality, combined with maturity and earthiness that perfectly reflects the peaty qualities of this expression. In order to symbolise the constant dynamic movement of the spirit in the Solera vats, each bottle reflects the concept: ‘Infinite Layers of Flavour’ through an ‘Infinity string’ design on the bottle label and outer gift packaging that also forms the basis for supporting marketing and merchandising materials.

The personality of each expression is represented by the complexity of the pattern created, from ele-gant satin ribbon for the smooth Select Cask, to dynamic copper strands for the rare and precious peated malt selected for Vintage Cask. “The results are powerful visuals that stand out on their own or form the perfect collection when used together in activations,” continues Cottrell.

Glenfiddich Select Cask is an elegant whisky, smooth with layers of sweetness, spice and hints of citrus, matured in hand-selected aged Bourbon, European oak and red wine casks to impart a beautifully soft taste. This is reflected in a swirling vortex of blue satin ribbon to draw the eye and communicate the smooth and elegant taste.

Glenfiddich Reserve Cask is matured in distinctive Spanish sherry casks used for their mellow and rich flavour characteristics. Deliciously smooth and silky, the sweet and spicy whisky is represented by an intricately layered web of thread to entice consumers to discover its rich and complex flavour

Both are available in one-litre bottles within an attractive, bold gift tube, which highlights their Travel Retail exclusivity, and have an ABV of 40%.

Glenfiddich Vintage Cask is unique for William Grant & Sons as it is its only peated malt. Hand-selected peated malts are matured in European Oak and American Bourbon casks before marrying in Solera vat No 3 for a luxuriously smoky, intense and velvety whisky. The finest expression of the Cask Collection offer, Vintage Cask is defined by its wave of copper strings that twist through a seductively deep image to hero its infinitely smoky and luxurious flavours. Glenfiddich Vintage Cask is available in a 70cl bottle cased inside a luxurious gift box with an ABV of 40%.

The new-look Glenfiddich Cask Collection will be available in duty-free stores from Q2 2017.




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