Scotch whisky maker Glenfiddich is partnering with Josh Peskowitz, cofounder of the menswear shop Magasin, to curate a capsule collection called Glenfiddich’s Wardrobe XXI to help promote the brand’s 21-year-old single malt scotch.

Recently, Josh Peskowitz, a fashion industry veteran and co-founder of men’s concept shop Magasin, travelled to Scotland to experience Glenfiddich’s creative process at its source, reports Luxury Daily. While on his retreat, Peskowitz witnessed the framework of Scottish culture and was inspired to bring these elements together in the form of a menswear capsule.


“This collection will capture the lifestyle of Glenfiddich as it was developed with both tradition and innovation in mind,” said Michael Giardina, senior brand manager of Glenfiddich.

“Pushing boundaries and challenging convention with thoughtful innovation is a steadfast part and valued framework of Glenfiddich’s ethos,” he said.


Documented by the brand, Peskowitz began his time in Scotland with a stop in the capital city of Edinburgh where he visited with Nicolson Kiltmakers to learn about the construction and craftsmanship behind the kilt. Drawing similarities between whisky distilling and textile manufacturing, Peskowitz continues on to cocktail bars where he speaks with mixologists and to the city of Elgin where he is shown the ins and outs of cashmere and fine woollen cloth at Johnstons of Elgin. Peskowitz’s tour ends at the Scotch-producing village of Dufftown. Here, he witnesses the distillery process firsthand, learning about Glenfiddich’s rich history, innovation and dedication to tradition.

The experiences amassed while in Scotland laid the foundation for what will become Glenfiddich’s Wardrobe XXI.

“After visiting the Glenfiddich distillery and other regions of Scotland, I walked away inspired by how many industries in Scotland – from textile to whisky – are firmly rooted in a sense of place,” said Josh Peskowitz, fashion veteran and creative director curating Glenfiddich Wardrobe XXI.

“One of the most inspiring things that I saw in Scotland was how a respect for tradition sat side-by-side with innovation at Glenfiddich’s facilities, to protect the integrity of the product — down to the preservation of their water source,” he said.

“Scotland was at the forefront of my mind when putting the collection together. Context is everything.”

Set to debut fall 2016, Glenfiddich’s Wardrobe XXI is a stylish, contemporary menswear capsule collection hand selected by Mr. Peskowitz.

The cooperative collaboration will feature several soon-to-be-announced Scottish designers who uphold tradition while striving to push boundaries and challenge conventions. Those featured capture Glenfiddich’s as well as Scotland’s ethos.

Expanding into new categories
Glenfiddich is a single malt Scotch distiller owned by William Grant & Sons, which dates back to 1887. Working from the quality and heritage already present, Glenfiddich is altering packaging and positioning to make itself stand out from competitors.

“As a 129 year old family run company Glenfiddich is constantly marrying rich heritage with bold innovation,” Glenfiddich’s Mr. Giardina said. “Similarly when you look at the world of fashion you often find modern looks inspired by classic designs.

“Even down to the production processes, with the importance of a high quality water source, skilled craftsman and the honouring of timeliness traditions while attempting to push the boundaries of what is possible, you find similarities in the two industries,” he said.

“When you think of the contemporary whisky drinker and how they use fashion to express their unique style and cultural identities, the partnership focused on menswear makes complete sense.”