L’OCCITANE Group, pioneer in premium sustainable beauty and wellness products, has strengthened its multi-brand strategy with the highly-anticipated launch of its premium beauty brand, Grown Alchemist, in global travel retail.

Founded in Australia and popular among millennial and Gen Z shoppers, the clean beauty brand enters travel retail in the strategic Asia Pacific region and celebrates its roots with its premiere point of sale at Sydney Airport, Terminal 1 – a collaboration with Heinemann Australia.

Estelle de Bure, Managing Director Global Travel Retail, L’OCCITANE Group, commented: ‘I am delighted to welcome Grown Alchemist into our premium portfolio in travel retail with the brand’s first-ever boutique in an airport worldwide. The opening is a milestone for Grown Alchemist and L’OCCITANE Group, as we seek to introduce our chic, edgy, and clean beauty brand to a new generation of travelling consumers. Offering a unique mix of breakthrough science, sustainable values and an urban edge, the minimalist boutique in Sydney is set to drive awareness and trial among travellers – with a strategic focus on Gen Z. We would like to thank Heinemann for its continued support of the Group, and we look forward to developing Grown Alchemist to its full potential in the channel.’

Grown Alchemist: Naturally developed, sustainable beauty

Grown Alchemist, founded in 2008, benefits from over 20 years of experience of its founders in product development and formulation research. Born in Australia, the brand is rooted in the country’s progressive sustainability mindset and the result is a multi-category brand that offers a sustainable and holistic approach to skincare backed by science. Grown Alchemist has received several certifications and recognitions for its commitment to sustainability, clean formulations and other ethical practices such as being cruelty-free1.

Rather than solely focusing on appearance, Grown Alchemist prioritises skin health by promoting the body’s natural processes of repair, restoration, and regeneration to ultimately restore skin function and release its true biological beauty. In addition to its skincare formulations that support healthy skin and hair from the outside in, the brand also offers a range of ingestible beauty supplements designed to improve skin, gut and hair health from the inside out. These supplements contain a powerful blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients to promote optimal skin and hair health.

Grown Alchemist has gained a cult following for its Power Couple Kit, containing the Instant Smoothing Serum and Detox Serum, both of which assist cellular turnover and detoxification resulting in healthier skin, a stronger skin barrier and improved absorption of active ingredients to deliver a radiant complexion.

Product Showcase

Grown Alchemist Instant Smoothing Serum
This concentrated Hyaluronic Acid (HA) serum features plant-derived high, medium, and low weight Hyaluronan molecules. These molecules, which can hold a thousand times their own weight in water, support the skin from the surface for visible results and penetrate deeper, boosting hydration as it pulls moisture from the air. The results of using the serum daily include visibly healthy skin, a stronger skin barrier and instant plumping, smoothing and softening benefits to the skin.
Grown Alchemist Detox Serum
This lightweight, oil-free serum absorbs quickly into the skin to assist cellular health and combat the effects of modern, urban lifestyles. This serum allows for the skin affected by the modern, urban lifestyle to be deeply detoxified and better positioned to absorb and utilise active ingredients from serums, oils, and moisturisers.
Grown Alchemist: A Selection of Travel Kits
Shoppers can also get themselves ready for travel with travel-friendly product kits to rejuvenate the body from head to toe.

The brand has one foot firmly planted in the natural world as it harnesses the power of plants in its formulations, and the other rooted in the alchemy of science to harness the potency of these naturally occurring ingredients. A key component of the brand’s DNA, this duality is encapsulated in the brand’s name. Though relentless in its pursuit for the cleanest formula, Grown Alchemist remains true to its promise to create natural products that improve the health of skin cells and optimise their function to release your true beauty.

Well-known for its minimalistic packaging, Grown Alchemist is also recognised for its sustainability initiatives and is in the process of becoming B Corp certified by 2024. It is continually introducing refill pouches made from 100% recycled materials and is committed to achieving carbon net zero by reducing and offsetting its carbon footprint within the supply chain.

Britta Hoffmann, Director Purchasing Perfume & Cosmetics, Gebr. Heinemann commented: ‘The L’OCCITANE Group and Gebr. Heinemann have been working together intensively and in a spirit of trust for many years. Having already contributed to the strong growth of the L’OCCITANE brand in travel retail, we are delighted to be supporting the group’s new brands such as Grown Alchemist as well. With the exclusive launch at Sydney Airport, the first important step towards the global roll-out of the brand has now been taken. Next, we plan to establish Grown Alchemist at other locations such as Frankfurt, Oslo and Istanbul. In this way, we are also responding to increased customer demand for natural cosmetics.’

Ranjith Menon, Regional Head of Marketing and Purchasing – Perfumes & Cosmetics, Heinemann Asia Pacific added: ‘We are delighted to partner with L’OCCITANE Group to bring a Grown Alchemist boutique to the travel retail market for the first time, in Sydney Airport. Grown Alchemist’s focus on sustainability and innovation is closely aligned with our values, and the boutique is a great addition to a fantastic beauty line-up in our transformed Sydney Airport store.’

Grown Alchemist: Taking minimalism to the max
The counter is set to inspire affluent travellers with its range of innovative skin, body, hand, and haircare products. The minimalist, monochrome retail design features glass and stainless-steel details balanced with a distressed concrete wall to deliver the brand’s signature fusion of urban street culture, while offering a lab-chic personality. The angular design and industrial ambience transport travellers into a world inspired by the science behind the brand, while the distressed concrete is an expression of the environmental aggressors that people face every day and how the brand tackles these concerns. Travellers will be inspired by the innovative semi-transparent LED display screen, that delivers the brand’s core messages, and have the opportunity to refresh themselves with Grown Alchemist formulations before they board their flight.

1 All Grown Alchemist products have been certified as safe to use (‘Australian Certified Toxic Free’ by Safe Cosmetics Australia) and formulated with clean and safe ingredients (THINK DIRTY).