Yves Saint Laurent opens an epic new chapter of Black Opium’s history: Black Opium Le Parfum. Embodied by the magnetic Zoë Kravitz in an exciting and edgy campaign, this variation on Black Opium’s legendary signature distills the thrill of the night into an over-delectable, over-sensual and over-exhilarating new fragrance. YSL and DUFRY continue their successful partnership with a new campaign for Black Opium Le Parfum.

An ode to nightlife and sensuality, the campaign has been rolled out in all DUFRY airports of the United Kingdom, finding multiple manifestation of animations. Especially in London Heathrow airport, where an interactive podium offered an immersive trip in the Black Opium universe.

To embody the intensity of new Black Opium Le Parfum Zoë Kravitz goes on a nocturnal adventure, leading her crew into an unforgettable evening fueled by the raw passion of the new fragrance. An anthem to the power of the night and its energy, bravery, and emotion, this new campaign is aimed at diverse, bold and independent spirits who recognize themselves in the subversiveness and magnetism of Black Opium Le Parfum.

To complement the campaign, an immersive retailtainment experience has been deployed in two creative and immersive formats. In London Heathrow Airport T5, an interactive podium offers a 4D experience to dive into Black Opium. Thanks to a fragrance recognition pod, it allows the user to experience sounds, lights and colors customized to each Black Opium fragrance. The podium becomes the fragrance. In addition, a 360° gaming platform, available on smartphones, takes customers on a visual trip through the
Black Opium universe, challenging them to uncover the secret code to unlock to exclusive gifts.

Black Opium Le Parfum owes its passion and intensity to one of the most sensuous ingredients available on the parfumier’s palette: a radical quartet of different black vanillas. This heady rush adds a shot of sensuality to Black Opium’s signature accord of coffee, green mandarin, and white flowers. Ethically sourced ingredients are nestled in a sleek black gem of a bottle, with glitter at its heart. A true
embodiment of Black Opium Le Parfum’s watchword: may our nights be more beautiful than our days.


Now Black Opium animations have moved to many other places in Europe, like France, Spain & Poland where it will run until end of April.