Gucci reveals a heady new edition of its Bloom fragrance collection, Ambrosia di Fiori is available from the October.


Invoking a banquet of an ancient world, ambrosia was the sustenance of the Greek gods and was thought to give immortality to those who drank it. The name of this fragrant, precious nectar and the magic it evokes is woven into the latest chapter of the Gucci Bloom fragrance story. Presenting Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori.

Conceived by Alessandro Michele, the Gucci Bloom scents are inspired by the idea of absolute authenticity, the freedom to be who you are. The new fragrance Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori invites those who wear it to celebrate their true selves and the emotions they feel. Sentiments that are heightened during a traditional time of festivities. Matching this expression, the perfume is deepened in a refined Eau de Parfum Intense. The blend begins from the original Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum and the notes of its trio of noble and rare flowers—Jasmine Bud extract, Tuberose and Rangoon Creeper, enhanced by two new ingredients that radiate with elegance and deep femininity; Orris and Damascena Rose.

The perfume

An imaginary garden redolent of flowers and plants in diverse types and colours, the original Gucci Bloom scent dreamt up by Alessandro Michele and created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas is the foundation of Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori. In the intensified take on this scent, the vibrant bouquet features new ingredients, including the rare and tenacious Velvety Orris, the root of Iris. Ancient Greeks and Romans used Orris as an essential oil; today this iconic fragrance note—derived from resin of the flower which blooms famously in Tuscany in May—can be more valuable than gold. The other new note, Damascena Rose is a truly iconic breed of rose, harvested in the early morning to give the powerful rendition of the flower. Instead of a classical pyramid construction of top, heart and base notes Gucci Bloom opens fully at once with the notes of noble and rare flowers: Jasmine Bud extract, Tuberose, Rangoon Creeper, Damascena Rose and Velvety Orris.

The packaging

Gucci Bloom’s original bottle is reimagined in a deep burgundy lacquered glass, and complemented by the classic label coloured in a soft pink. The same light pink on the outside carton highlights the Bloom Herbarium iconic pattern, vibrantly outlining its tendrils of leaves, petals and branches.

Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori will launch in October 2019 in 50ml and 100ml.