Gucci Beauty unveils two new evocatively named scents, Tears from the Moon & Love at your Darkest, the latest additions to The Alchemists Garden collection.

The Alchemist’s Garden Love at your Darkest

Love shines through the darkness like a hawk cutting through the sky with Love at your Darkest—a deep woody and spicy fragrance that is an enveloping combination of Black Pepper, Incense and Cedarwood. The dry spiciness of Black Pepper represents the top note of this intoxicating fragrance, woody and warm. Its multifaceted characteristics are revealed through Incense, a sweet balsamic note that wraps its sensual richness around the Black Pepper. This resinous and intense character vibrates with the addition of woody, soft and dry Cedarwood.

The Alchemist’s Garden Tears from the Moon

Born from the encounter of Creative Director of Gucci Alessandro Michele and Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, Tears From the Moon echoes the free and joyful spirit of a dragonfly. The scent is built around a dewy floral bouquet of White Peony, a symbol of richness and honor, the fresh and animalic Lily of the Valley, and the radiant Stephanotis—unlocking the secret of this elegant spring sillage.