Guerlain launches a Cool edition of its L’Homme Idéal scent

Guerlain launches a Cool edition of its L’Homme Idéal scent

The ideal man is a myth. But with L’Homme Idéal Cool, Guerlain says it has made his fragrance a reality.

Meet the latest Guerlian L’Homme Ideal fragrance – just in time for summer its a ‘cool’ edition – find out more below…

The ideal Eau de Toilette Cool? A woody fragrance that will let you stay cool no matter what.

The ideal bottle? Masculine, luxurious and elegant. A square, faceted bottle with clean lines and unique grey sides in a lacquered matte finish. A bright – yet dynamic- water green label. A heavy and decidedly masculine cap with guilloché detail borrowed from the world of watch-making.

The almond, the olfactory seal of L’Homme Idéal re-orchestrated with coolness around three accords:

The effervescence of top notes of bergamot and orange mingled with the freshness of mint.

The refinement of a heart note combining neroli with aquatic notes.

The charm of a patchouli and vetiver base note that adds character and depth to this fragrance.

Mint, almond, woody notes

L’Homme Idéal Cool is built on surprising blends of mint, almond and woody notes.
Harmonious and bold alliances that combine the raw ingredients of Guerlain’s heritage into a resolutely fresh and cool perfume.


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