Summer is in the air…. and it’s arrived at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport!

Passport? Check!
Boarding Pass? Check!
HARIBO? Check!

Wherever you’re heading this summer, there’s a great range of HARIBO favourites to share on your journey!

To make summer 2023 even sweeter, check out the special deal in the Dufry duty free stores at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport – 30% OFF when you buy any TWO HARIBO packs!

HARIBO has been a childhood favourite for over 100 years, loved by kids – and adults – of all ages. Our story began in a small laundry house in Bonn, where HAns RIegel BOnn started his ‘factory’ with little more than a sack full of sugar, a copper kettle – and some brilliant ideas for creating confectionery! Soon he had created his first product and it was a popular choice from the start – a colourful creation originally named the Dancing Bear, now known as the famous Goldbear.

Still family-owned, HARIBO has built on this colourful legacy with a century of creative experiments making it one of the best-loved brands in the world – and the Goldbear is still going strong too! In fact, HARIBO is now available in over 100 countries across the globe!

The appeal of HARIBO – reaching across borders and age groups – is summed up by our famous slogan – “Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo”. The range of flavours and packs makes HARIBO ideal for sharing, especially on summer journeys with family and friends.

With over 50 HARIBO recipes to choose from, everyone has a favourite – fruity or liquorice, sweet, sour or salty?

We’ve chosen three Nordic favourites perfect for sharing, available from the Dufry stores.

Firstly, probably the most popular HARIBO choice in the Nordics – the instantly recognisable GIANT DUMMIES (750g bag). A blend of colourful fun and five fruit flavours (pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, juicy orange and lemon) make this a big favourite, and the resealable bag ensures freshness for the whole journey.

Liquorice lovers will adore the travel exclusive SAILOR MIX (700g bag, with a colourful variety of sweet and salty liquorice delicacies: Parade-Mix, Stafetten, Konfekties, Crazy Dummies and liquorice snails.

Of course you can never get too much liquorice… but which is best, sweet or salty? The LIQUORICE HUNT BOX keeps everyone happy with this new assortment containing a 3-pack assortment mix of sweet and salty – Salino, Matador Mix Dark and Nappar Lakrits.