How Heathrow will become Havana this July

How Heathrow will become Havana this July

“The Havana Night Experience” by Havana Club 7 is launching exclusively in London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 to run between 5th July to 1st August 2017.

The experience is set to be a celebration of the flavour of the world’s leading sipping rum through the colours, sounds and scents of its Cuban birthplace.

To transport guests to Havana, the pop-up space will be dressed in exotic plants, feature colourful stained glass windows and be decorated with stations of premium local produce such as fresh fruit and coffee beans. The experience will continue with a festive soundscape and the aromas of rum filling the air to immerse travellers in a Havana night.

Havana Club 7 was the first rum to adopt a ‘continuous ageing’ method where a part of every batch is aged again for many years and then used as the heart of a future batch. This tradition of ageing, blending and re-aging is what delivers exceptional layers of flavour to Havana Club 7. The Havana Night Experience will explore this complexity by drawing parallels with the layers of Havana – a mix of modern and traditional, luxury and informality.

Visitors will receive complimentary tastings of Havana Club 7 to discover its exuberant flavours and learn about the ‘continuous ageing’ process. Consumers will also have the chance to choose from one of four limited edition “Essences of Cuba” – a range of natural flavourings to bring out specific flavours found in the rum. The Essences will be offered as a gift with any purchase of Havana Club 7 to create a Havana Club 7 Old Fashioned at home.

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