Hello, Bombshell: Welcome to The Show

Hello, Bombshell: Welcome to The Show

Marking the VS fashion show in Shanghai, your favourite Bombshell is hitting the runway in a collectible, limited-edition Fashion Show bottle design.

“Like our signature pink carpet, the bottle is shocking pink. And like a new Angel, she’s getting her very first pair of wings. In high-shine black and studded with sparkle, the custom wing charms hang delicately from the back of the bottle – perfectly photo-ready.” – Victoria’s Secret.

Inside this exclusive bottle is the original award-winning fragrance. Bombshell starts with Citrus notes and Brazilian Purple Passion Fruit for bright, irresistible sparkle. Shangri-la Peony from Tibet and Madagascan Vanilla Orchid add a vibrant, exotic rush.

VS says it’s the Italian Sunstruck Pine that gives Bombshell its unique signature. Captured at the moment the Ligurian Pine is warmed by the afternoon sun, the note adds aromatic warmth.

See more here and check out VS counters and stores in airports over the holiday season for this limited edition.



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