Calvin Klein introduces my euphoria, a bold eau de parfum, as the next installment to the brand’s Euphoria pillar of fragrances. Inspired by the intense feeling of euphoria, the fragrance ignites the senses with an exhilarating juice.

Sensations heighten. Emotions fly. Temptations unfold.

Introducing the new modern and luxurious addition to the Calvin Klein Euphoria line.

Smoky yet sweet, this new multi-faceted floral amber fragrance captures the essence of joy and euphoria. A reimagination of the classic notes of the original fragrance collection, perfumers Frank Voelkl and Nathalie Lorson customized a blend of compelling ingredients while still highlighting the hero orchid note of the Euphoria fragrance collection.

The new composition opens with juicy blackcurrant essence. At the heart, the feminine orchid flambé accord is contrasted by smoky black sesame for a sophisticated and fiery floral center. To round out the base, an exclusive blend of oud, bamboo and sandalwood creates a mysterious woody facet. The rich warmth of these notes, alongside a lasting trail of tuberose, creates an unforgettable fragrance that channels feelings of confidence and empowerment.

Designed with the same iconic flacon shape of the signature Euphoria scent, the new fragrance bottle is reintroduced with a glossy red opaque lacquering for a youthful and unexpected twist. A corresponding red outer pack provides a sensual experience from the first moment. Together, the impactful color codes and updated finishes deliver a daring spin on the classic packaging. Photographed by Ryan Hopkinson, the new campaign features the stunning new fragrance bottle alongside Euphoria Signature.