Diesel is launching a captivating new unisex fragrance – D by Diesel.

D is designed for people to come together and act for a better future.

Invoke a new era of Diesel with the captivating fragrance of D by Diesel. The Diesel For Successful Living logo was deformed as if has been crushed and crumpled in your fist symbolizing the mark your actions leave. D is a gender-fluid fragrance combining responsibly sourced vanilla and lavender.

D by Diesel is all about making a positive impact. The outer packaging is plastic free and made using recycled content, as is the distinctive glass bottle which is designed to keep. When you’re running low you can purchase a D by Diesel refill.

Family: Fougère Ambery
Top notes – Ginger, Bergamot
Middle notes – Denim cotton accord, Lavander
Base notes – Vanilla, Ambery Woods