The Whiskey Makers Series is a brand new venture for Jameson, launching a range of whiskies that takes a closer look at the art of whiskey making, the people, their craft and their expertise.

For this new series, three of the head craftsmen form the Midleton Distillery have created their own whiskeys based on their area of expertise, naming each one after their favourite piece of equipment.

Said to be the “most significant” move in Jameson’s history, the new portfolio structure is said to represent a “unique re-interpretation” of the super-premium whiskey category and “highlights” the brand’s wider offering.

Jameson’s portfolio is now comprised of four ranges that offer a ladder of products into the super-premium Irish whiskey sector, including the new-to-market Whiskey Makers Series.

The series is comprised of three no-age-statement expressions created in collaboration with Jameson’s head blender Billy Leighton, head distiller Brian Nation, and head cooper Ger Buckley.

Inspired by different stages of the whiskey-making process, the range aims to enhance consumer education and understanding. It joins Jameson’s portfolio on a permanent basis.

The Distiller’s Safe celebrates the role of Brian Nation and showcases the copper pot distillate of Jameson, exploring the affect of copper on new make spirit. It includes a mix of grain whiskey and a “heavier style” of pot still liquid aged in Bourbon oak casks.

The Cooper’s Coze is inspired by fifth generation cooper Ger Buckley and explores oak influence on whiskey, containing liquid aged in a combination of virgin American oak, seasoned Bourbon barrels and Sherry casks.

The Blender’s Dog pays tribute to Billy Leighton and showcases a range of three different distillates and four different casks of various ages, emphasising the role of the blender.

Nation, Leighton and Buckley worked on the range for four years ahead of its launch. Their expressions have been named after the tools they use in their craft and are priced €70.00 with an abv of 40%.

In addition to The Whiskey Makers Series, Jameson’s restructured portfolio consists of the Heritage Series – ­comprised of the super-premium Jameson Black Barrel, Jameson Crested and Jameson Signature – and travel retail exclusive The Deconstructed Series – which consists of Jameson Bold, Jameson Lively, and Jameson Round, as well as the original Jameson expression.


Of Irish Distillers’ reasoning behind the new range and structure, Simon Fay, international marketing director at Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, said: “We knew we had to stay relevant to our consumer and evolve our super-premium portfolio. It was time for a rethink and a revamp.

“We spoke to bartenders, consumers and people in our company and they said whatever you do, make sure it’s authentic. It should sit in tradition, but also disrupt it. We hadn’t really evolved the range for 15-20 years and we need to stay relevant. Consumers want to know about our history and heritage, and about the product itself.”

Jameson’s portfolio will be supported by the brand’s Sine Metu communication platform, which translates as “without fear”.

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