Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal fragrance line is expanding to welcome new Scandal Le Parfum and Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum editions

Meet the two new fragrances:

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Le Parfum

Scandal Le Parfum has no limits! A sulfurous red bottle. Stunning legs. An insane floral amber. What outrage! This is too much! SCANDAL LE PARFUM is the newest addiction from the marvelous Scandal line and will go on sale in late June 2022.

Scandal Le Parfum is available as a 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml Eau de Parfum Intense.

“Forget the established conveniences and allow yourself all the audacity without complexes. A stunning intense eau de parfum with amber notes symbolizes feminine sensuality. Contained in an iconic bottle topped with an iconic cap with bare legs, this intense fragrance is dressed in sulphurous red finery. Notes of black vanilla wrap themselves in a scent of jasmine and gourmet scents of salted caramel. Shake up the codes of seduction by opting for the new intensity of Jean Paul Gaultier.”




Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum

After the original Scandal Pour Homme release last year – and launched together with the female Scandal Le Parfum fragrance, Jean-Paul Gaultier presents the men’s edition, billed as an even sexier and more outrageous intense Eau de Parfum.

Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum is available in 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, and 200ml (refillable flacon), as an Eau de Parfum Intense. It is available in stores from late June 2022.

As Jean-Paul Gaultier announces, “The ring legend returns. Champion of show-off crowned with gold, its lacquered black charisma knocks you out at the first woody amber spray. A resounding victory!”

“Addictive and theatrical, the fragrance of Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier is part of the legend. Captured in a lacquered black bottle topped with a dazzling golden crown, this intense woody amber Eau de Parfum doesn’t back down from any obstacle. Awaken your senses by wrapping yourself in its fragrance with notes of sandalwood and tonka bean, wrapped in the power of geranium. A fragrance with assertive sex appeal that plays with conveniences. Let yourself be seduced now by the amber power of Jean Paul Gaultier’s new intensity.”