Jean Paul Gaultier’s Garden of Eden reveals two new fragrances

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Garden of Eden reveals two new fragrances

Jean Paul Gaultier has created two new fragrances for his best-selling Classique collection – meet Le Beau & La Belle…

La Belle and Le Beau are the newest flankers of Gaultier’s iconic fragrances Classique and Le Male from the Jean Paul Gaultier collection. These two new fragrances are introduced with a campaign and story that take us to the lush (Gaultier) garden of Eden. Both fragrances celebrate the theme with decoration on the bottles and packaging: the female edition wears a floral necklace, while the male received a fig leaf!

According to the brand, the story of Gaultier’s new perfumes began in the Gaultier garden.


One morning, Jean Paul Gaultier walked into his Factory. It was large and lively and happy. He looked at the women, and he looked at the men. And his mind wandered to leisurely pastimes.
And he thought, “Women and men should spend time together, that would be good.”

On the first day, he created a garden. The garden was magical and enchanting, and in the spirit of easy virtues everywhere!

On the second day, he created La Belle and Le Beau. Born from the JPG fragrances Classic and Le Mâle, but as butt-naked as their first day in this world. And they’re not even cold, those two!

On the third day, he created the most delightful, divine and delectable sins …

On the fourth day he rested.

In his garden, the party was in full swing. Everyone was in the mood for discovery, adventure; of themselves and each other. And it smelled (al)most divine!


Jean Paul Gaultier created the bottle of La Belle – and the bottle appeared. In the shape of a woman’s bust. It was red dipped in pink, and spoke of modesty as well as the most lascivious
licentiousness. Around the neck, gold roses formed a necklace, a modest covering that serves only as an invitation to a final and temptation-filled unveiling …

Then, Jean Paul Gaultier created the bottle of Le Beau, and the bottle appeared. In the shape of a naked chest. It was green, and it shimmered. A leaf of vine, in gold, carefully placed where the eyes might linger.

Jean Paul Gaultier looked at the exquisite busts and exclaimed: “These two were made to lead us into temptation!” And they were.

Jean Paul Gaultier created the box of La Belle, and the case appeared in the garden. It was the softest green, almost almond, and among the foliage of this very modern Eden, matching with everything. Its gold letters gleamed, and it was oh-so-tempting to touch the fruit… and it wasn’t even forbidden!

Jean Paul Gaultier created the box for Le Beau, and the case appeared at the foot of a bush. It was emerald green, so dark, reminding us of all that is lush in this world. Its golden letters glimmering like the
honey of original desire. Jean Paul Gaultier looked at the two provocative, sexy cases, and said: “Presentation is everything – and nothing!” And it was.

Jean Paul Gaultier opened the box of La Belle, took out the bottle, and inhaled deeply the essence of the perfume. It smelled of oriental vanilla, but a vanilla so fresh, it quenched the soul. He could also identify vetiver, to which the miraculous smell of fruit, a pear, was clearly pointing.

Jean Paul Gaultier opened Beau’s case and, closing his eyes, inhaled (no denials here). The smell of coconut wood inspired a profound desire to relax, while the bergamot and the tonka bean whispered to him that
lounging was the most refreshing of sins.

Jean Paul Gaultier inhaled both perfumes together, and declared: “They go well together. Forever and ever.” And thus a world was created.

Quentin Bisch and Sonia Constant teleported themselves to Gaultier’s garden. As is their way, they emerged themselves into this strange and soothing exotic world. These two, who love to explore the world and who know it so well, came back mesmerized by The New Land, with a special place in their heart for La Belle and Le Beau. And as we know, the heart is never far from the nose.

The advertising campaign reflects “the Gaultier garden,” the fragrant garden of Eden, in two styles: by models who are posing nude, covered with flowers and leaves, holding the newest flacons (and apples as forbidden fruits), and in still life form, showcasing the bottles of the Classique, Le Male, Classique Essence de Parfum, Le Male Essence de Parfum and the newest creations Le Belle and Le Beau.

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER LA BELLE is available as a 50ml Eau de Parfum and 100ml Eau de Parfum. JEAN PAUL GAULTIER LE BEAU is available as a 75ml Eau de Toilette and 125ml Eau de Toilette.

Images and details from Puig.

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