Vittoria Ceretti stars in Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Comète Lipstick Campaign

Available in 8 shades, the packaging includes an irregular 5-pointed star inspired by Coco Chanel’s High Jewellery collection, which the designer produced in 1932. Chanel Beauty face Vittoria Ceretti fronts a campaign where she wears shade 178 Brun Céleste, a deep brown hue.

The model channels silver screen stars of the early twentieth century with dark and alluring portraits. With lip colors ranging from neutral shades to scarlet red, Velvet La Comète includes a matte application. The collection also features Blush Comète, made with two shades: a light peach and vibrant coral. The powder’s surface reveals a comet design.


Comets reflect light with great intensity. They follow their own trajectory and never fade away in the eye of the beholder. A symbol of good luck, the star with five irregular points inspired Coco Chanel’s first and only High Jewellery collection.

Today, a comet comes into view on the iconic ROUGE ALLURE VELVET case and leaves its radiant mark on each lip colour. Eight limited-edition exclusive creations with a new, delicately pearly matte finish and luminous sculpting effect.

• Ultra-fine, pure and highly concentrated pigments for intense colour
• A combination of soft-focus microspheres and ultra-fine pearly particles for a finish that is both matte and luminous
• A jojoba oil derivative for smooth lips.


BLUSH COMÈTE plays on an optical illusion between the comet design on the powder’s surface and the CHANEL monogram that reveals itself in the compact mirror. Available in a delicate peach or bright coral shade, its soft, silky formula enhances the complexion and provides a healthy glow effect.

• A fine, soft, silky texture.