Jura Single Malt Whisky welcomes the latest additions to its collection of rare and limited releases – the Jura Rare Vintage 1989 and the Jura Rare Vintage 1988 mark 2 – 2019 bottling. The two exceptional aged whiskies showcase Jura’s rich whisky-making heritage and dedication to creating the finest whiskies over generations.

In 2018, Jura revealed the first in its new range of rare and limited releases with the Jura 28 Year-Old and Jura 1988 – 2018 bottling. A year on, these two new releases celebrate the power of extended maturation.

Crafted over three decades, the Jura Rare Vintage 1989 exemplifies the character of Jura, having spent 30 Years maturing in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels, the perfect partner to enhance Jura’s signature house style. The 30 Year-Old single malt captures the diverse character of its island home with flavours of honeyed pear, vanilla cake and spicy cinnamon. Bottled at 53.5% ABV it is non-chill filtered, resulting in complex aromas, flavours and an intense natural colour.

Jura has also released the 2019 bottling of the Rare Vintage 1988, following the first release in 2018. The second bottling of its age reveals the depth of character Jura has developed through time. Bottled at 52.8% this rare and limited whisky preserves all the charming, silky flavours found in the aged port casks.  Having matured in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels, followed by five years in port pipes, the Rare Vintage 1988 delivers the perfect balance of honey, baked apple, red fruits and toasted pistachios. The 2019 release has natural colour and is non-chill filtered, delivering a whisky drinking experience that is as close as you can get to tasting straight from the cask.

The latest releases from the range of rare and aged expressions carry Jura’s signature house style and build on the growing global popularity of its whiskies since relaunching last year with a new flavour direction.

Gregg Glass, Whisky Maker & Blender said: “Jura has been in a unique position to create a history of single malts like no other. These releases are no exception, and are a reflection of the dedication of our community over generations to produce the finest whiskies. Our rare and limited releases pay homage to the people and breath-taking landscape of Jura over the years, and offer our growing, global community a truly unique flavour of our island home.”

Each release is available in limited quantities with only 1500 bottles of each created, making this a rare taste of Jura for whisky lovers and collectors to enjoy the world over.

 Both of the new whiskies are available now, priced at RSP £650. The Jura Rare Vintage Jura 1989 will be available in Asia Duty Free and select specialist retailers globally. The 2019 Jura Rare Vintage 1988 is available exclusively in Asia domestic retailers.


Tasting Notes

Jura Rare Vintage 1989 (Cask Strength – 53.5% ABV)

Distilled in 1989 | RSP – £650 (70cl)
Non chill-filtered, natural colour
1500 bottles available in Asia DFS and select domestic markets globally

An exclusive 30-year-old single malt matured in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels.

Colour – Amber Gold
Nose – Honeyed pear, freshly baked bread, ripened bananas and vanilla cake
Palate – Peaches in syrup, spicy cinnamon, toffee apple and Swiss white chocolate

Jura Rare Vintage 1988 – 2019 Bottling (Cask Strength – 52.8% ABV)

Distilled in 1988 | RSP – £650 (70cl)
Non chill-filtered, natural colour
Bottled in 2018 at 52.8% ABV
1500 bottles available in Asia domestic retailers

An exclusive single malt first matured in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels then transferred into Port Wine Pipes for a further five years.

Colour – Rosewood Gold
Nose – Red fruits, Kirsch, pears and figs
Palate – Dark chocolate, black cherries, toasted pistachios