KENZO and Dubai Duty Free presents Exclusive Pre-Launch of KENZO WORLD POWER

KENZO and Dubai Duty Free presents Exclusive Pre-Launch of KENZO WORLD POWER

KENZO and Dubai Duty Free have entered into an exclusive partnership to pre-launch for two months the brand’s new addition to the KENZO World Collection – the KENZO WORLD POWER.
The pre-launch exclusivity period for Worldwide Travel Retail Exclusive will run from 1st – 14th July while the Middle East Exclusive is from 1st July to 31st August.

Commenting on the partnership, Saba Tahir, Senior Vice President – Purchasing said, “We are proud to partner with KENZO to pre-launch their newest fragrance at Dubai Duty Free ahead of other travel and duty free retailers. We strive to continuously enhance our offering by partnering with brands that will encourage customers for something worth traveling for and we are confident that this will be an instant success.”

A manifesto of cutting-edge fashion and non-conformism, freedom of expression, diversity and creativity, KENZO WORLD POWER is for those who are not afraid or shy to speak their mind. It celebrates empowerment, the power of singularity, the strength of complementarities, and highlights the multiple facets of femininity – a DNA inspired by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the artistic directors of KENZO fashion.

The eye of the perfumer
Jérôme Di Marino embodies this new generation of “noses” that twist classic codes to develop new olfactory pathways by drawing nourishment and inspiration from other worlds: “Perfumery, like all other Arts, is an emotive reflection of society.”
Sensitive to design, fashion and all forms of art, Di Marino wanted to be a perfumer at an early age. After a career as an apprentice, he became Francis Kurkdjian’s student, responsible for the first 3 chapters of the KENZO WORLD universe, and later perfumer-creator.

New ‘mix & match’ look
A symbol of openness to the world, the KENZO WORLD POWER eye takes on new graphic codes inspired by the KENZO fashion universe: a silver pack with mirror reflections, a transparent cap that reveals the heart of the bottle, positive and dynamic colors including yellow, the star color of the latest KENZO fashion collection.

Like the fashion line ‘THE EYE’, the new bottle combines textured effects and fashion details: the cap becomes translucent to reveal what is usually hidden, as do the bags and accessories made of transparent materials; the silver drop bead recalls the chrome buttons on KENZO bombers, jeans and leather goods.

Kenzo World Power is giving specific contrasts: bitterish, sweet, and gourmand. In the opening, cypress plays a major role; it is borrowed from a masculine olfactory wardrobe, giving this female composition an aromatic and spontaneous opening. In the core of the composition are salt crystals that form special nuances toward the gourmandish and with almondy tonka beans in the base.

“An oriental perfume that dares to free itself from floral codes for a femininity full of strength and authenticity,” explained by Kenzo.

KENZO WORLD POWER is available in 50ml and 75ml Eau De Parfum.


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