Step into the world of Lancôme’s ‘Rose Agora’ at JFK-T1, where beauty meets innovation, and luxury knows no bounds. Inspired by the iconic Lancôme Rose, this breathtaking design with rose gold and gold accents welcomes travellers with captivating organic curves, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey.

“As we open the doors to the new Lancôme Rose Agora flagship of in JFK T1, 1st in Americas, we confirm that our dedication to excellence is showcased here. We are proud to do so in collaboration with International Shoppes, our long-term partner who shares our vision and commitment to offer the best of beauty for all travellers” says Julia Seve, CEO Travel Retail Americas.

‘Rose Agora’ at JFK-T1 marks a significant milestone as the first-ever Agora Concept airport installation in the Americas. This unique design creates a seamless customer journey through an
immersive and engaging environment.

“International Shoppes and L’Oréal continue to have a great partnership. When Lancôme approached us to move and renovate their boutique at JFK’s Terminal 1, we knew they would be building something special. As the first duty-free operation in the Americas to showcase Lancôme’s innovative “Rose Agora” concept, together we are bringing an exciting addition to our store. The design and materials used by Lancôme have truly elevated the customer experience. The numbers so far have been fantastic!” says Scott Halpern, Co-CEO International Shoppes.

The ‘Rose Agora’ concept keeps elevating with its integrated digital screens, which introduce Lancôme’s campaigns, showcase product selections, and highlight top products. These screens guide travellers through Lancôme space seamlessly.

“Our new Rose Agora flagship was built to elevate our traveller’s experience. Offering a journey of discovery into our 3 categories and presenting an uplifted beauty routine proven by science and powered by beauty tech. With a personalized service that greets all travelers to our positive stories and emotions” says Martin Ortiz de Rozas, Brand General Manager for Travel Retail Americas.

Indeed, travellers will be able to benefit from a range of travel-adapted services such as diagnose their skin with E-skin expert, find their perfect foundation match through Shade finder or ensuring they depart with a radiant glow with Pro radiance booster.

The makeup experience at ‘Rose Agora’ offers a self-shoppable adventure, making it effortless for travellers to explore Lancôme’s makeup range. Visitors not only shop but engage with Lancôme’s beauty products, ensuring a unique and resonant connection to their individual style and preferences.

An inviting ‘Experience Table’ invites customers to immerse themselves in Lancôme’s diverse fragrance offerings. This sensory journey allows travelers to explore scents like ‘La Vie Est Belle’ and ‘Idole’, creating a connection between fragrance and memory.

‘Rose Agora’ offers a luxurious haven for Lancôme’s premium Absolue collection, where discerning customers can experience these luxurious products and receive a personalized consultation from Brand advisors with exclusive beauty tech services, further enhancing the brand’s premium luxury experience.

Lancôme’s ‘Rose Agora’ at JFK-T1 redefines the travel retail experience, blending beauty, technology, and sustainability through refillable products. Explore ‘Rose Agora’ at JFK-T1 and take your travel retail experience to new heights.