Long-standing premium partners Lindt & Sprüngli Travel Retail and Dubai Duty Free have joined forces once again to bring a unique personal shopping experience to the travel retail arena, with the pre-launch of the LINDT Travel Souvenir Collection.

Both partners are strong tenets of two key trends within the travel retail and duty free sector; the need for a characterised ‘sense of place’ in airports around the globe and the strengthening of brand awareness through intensive storytelling and strong content.

Lindt & Sprüngli boasts an iconic Swiss heritage dating back to 1845 and is the number one premium confectionery brand in travel retail, with creativity and chocolate competence rooted in their Master Chocolatiers who are innovators of smooth melting chocolate. Dubai Duty Free is one of the world’s most innovative large airports, which is always one-step ahead in their quest for excellence in activation, retailing and bringing engagement to the retail space. Together, these two companies create the perfect partnership for this venture.

The LINDT Travel Souvenir Collection with its hero item, the LINDT Assorted Napolitains Tin Suitcase, offers a huge opportunity for engaging storytelling and is an innovative travel souvenir. The perfect gift to show friends and family back home the traveller has been thinking of them whilst travelling. The LINDT Travel Souvenir Collection consists of two unique travel souvenirs, the elegant LINDT Tin Suitcase 360g and the trendy LINDT Chocolate Trolleys 600g. Both travel souvenirs will take chocolate lovers across the world on a taste journey of finest Swiss Premium Chocolate with exquisite Assorted Napolitains in six popular flavours: Milk, Milk Hazelnut, Surfin, LINDOR, CRESTA Milk and CRESTA White.

Dubai themed stickers will accompany each of the product ranges for the customer to style their tins, giving a great sense of place to the purchase. The promotion will be launching across all Dubai Duty Free stores in departures and an additional two impactful HPP set ups in international arrivals and departures. The promotion at Dubai Duty Free will include discounts such as 15% off on the LINDT Tin Suitcase (360g), 20% off on the LINDT Chocolate Trolleys and 20% off the regular Assorted Napolitains (500g).

The new collection was launched on 8th March 2018.

Peter Zehnder, head of the LINDT global duty free division said: “We have always had a great partnership with Dubai Duty Free and over a long and fruitful relationship, have conducted several global pre-launches. Our commitment to building premium partnerships has helped develop and sustain a strong bond. As a result of this rewarding partnership, LINDT has been the number one brand for more than a decade at Dubai Duty Free, with LINDT Napolitains being the bestselling item.”

Dubai Duty Free Senior Vice President for Purchasing, Saba Tahir said: “We are delighted that LINDT has collaborated with us again to be the first travel retailer to showcase their latest collection, which is a great addition to Dubai Duty Free’s continuing programme of worldwide exclusive launches. With its unique packaging and broad range of promotional activities for this special LINDT Travel Souvenir Collection, it will surely create considerable awareness and excitement among our customers and lovers of the brand. The 2017 pre-launch of the LINDT Chocolate Trolleys was a major success, and we are aiming to achieve new records with the LINDT 2018 pre-launch.”