As part of its mission of making travel retail a more magical place, Lindt & Sprüngli Travel Retail is forming premium partnerships with key airport and travel retailers. LINDT has teamed up with Heinemann Duty Free to launch its first exclusive product range with the travel retailer, the LINDT Dark Caramel Sea Salt Edition.

Combining finest dark chocolate with caramel and a pinch of sea salt, LINDT Dark Caramel Sea Salt is a travel retail exclusive that offers true differentiation from the high street. It will be available in two bestselling formats – an assorted LINDOR Tube Selection 396g and LINDT Assorted Napolitains 500g – with both featuring attractive emerald gift packs evoking holiday memories and reflecting the maritime history of Heinemann’s hometown of Hamburg.

Caramel and sea salt has proven to be an unusual yet commercially successful flavour combination, which is enjoyed worldwide and resonates strongly with experience-hungry millennial travellers. The growing popularity of dark chocolate, particularly among Asian consumers, will further add to the appeal of LINDT Dark Caramel Sea Salt Edition.

The range will be supported with impactful merchandising and placements at Heinemann stores around the world, with a focus on Sydney, Hong Kong and Heinemann’s top 20 airports in Europe – including Frankfurt, Vienna and Amsterdam. In addition, a focus is put also on some of Gebr. Heinemann’s major distribution customers for example in Munich, Johannesburg and Kiev.

Special maritime-themed store display material for head gondolas and impulse podiums will be integrated into Heinemann’s promotions, while a six-month digital communication campaign will also be launched to create maximum visual impact. LINDT Dark Caramel Sea Salt Edition will additionally feature on a large-scale pop-up at Hong Kong International Airport.

Peter Zehnder, Head of the Lindt & Sprüngli global duty free division, said: “At Lindt & Sprüngli Travel Retail, our focus remains on developing premium partnerships to help make travellers’ journeys more magical. We also know that growing numbers of passengers are looking for premium, delicious and travel-exclusive gifts – in fact, finding the right gift is one of the prime purchase drivers to convert browsers into shoppers. The launch of LINDT Dark Caramel Sea Salt Edition and our strong partnership with Heinemann will reinforce our commitment to creating new and immersive experiences for travellers, to drive greater customer engagement and growth in the confectionery category.”

Rüdiger Stelkens, Director Purchasing Liquor, Tobacco, Confectionery and Fine Food at Gebr. Heinemann, said: “Gebr. Heinemann is always aiming to offer our customers an exciting product portfolio that brings additional value and which attracts all chocolate loving passengers. This is why we are focusing more and more on the possibilities of introducing Gebr. Heinemann exclusive products and new exclusive flavours of strong brands. The powerful cooperation between Lindt and Gebr. Heinemann has enabled both parties to offer our customers this exclusive flavour, LINDT Dark Caramel Sea Salt, for one year limited at Heinemann shops as well as at selected stores from Gebr. Heinemann’s distribution customers. We are very much looking forward to implementing this listing opportunity, giving our customers the chance to experience this flavour and to further grow the complete category of confectionery.”