Liu Jo celebrates with Kendall Jenner – both #Bornin1995

Liu Jo celebrates with Kendall Jenner – both #Bornin1995

Liu Jo unveils its celebratory campaign marking its 25th anniversary with Kendall Jenner, both the brand and model were born in 1995.

#Bornin1995 is the expression for the celebratory campaign as Liu Jo hits the 25-year mark, an original communication format that will be rolled out throughout 2020 and features a new face for the brand in its first phase: the stunning Kendall Jenner.

A social icon that shares the same year of birth as Liu Jo, she becomes the spokesperson for the most authentic side of contemporary glamour. The concept thus establishes a valuable connection, inaugurated with a sneak-peek celebratory t-shirt with the stand-out printed statement “Born in 1995”.


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