Tao Liang, professionally known as Mr. Bags, is launching the third ‘New Year’ collaboration with Longchamp.

Inspired by the concept of Chihuo, meaning a foodie in Chinese, the collaboration is tied with the Chinese zodiac sign of 2020: the rat. The design of the collection features a bright yellow cheese pattern, which is a symbol of gourmet and serves as a hint of the year of the rat.

The collection includes seven handbags of different sizes and one T-shirt. The design of the supermini Le Pliage bag, a Longchamp classic, resembles a tiny mouse, as the long zipper acts like a tail. The rest of the bags comes with a hidden cheese flap inside the bag, echoing the idea of a foodie.

“This detail is not very noticeable unless you actually use the bag, so it’s a hidden secret only to the bag owner. This design is meant to be very sophisticated yet contains a hint of humor,” Liang said.

The capsule will be launched on December 11, on Mr. Bags’ WeChat Mini Program and Longchamp’s online store.

Tao Liang is one of China’s top fashion influencers. He is known for his affluent loyal following and their strong buying power. He pioneered the special collaborations business model and has done 11 crossovers with luxury brands, such as Tod’s, Longchamp, Chloé, Givenchy, Dunhill and Burberry. They all sold out within minutes.


This April, he expanded into high jewellery and watch category with the launch of new vertical Mr. Jewellery & Watch, aiming to duplicate his success with designer handbags in a much higher price point market.