Louis Vuitton imagines a new olfactory journey designed exclusively for the home. Four perfumed candles give interiors new dimension and transport them into a whole different atmosphere.
Imprinted in the Maison Louis Vuitton’s heart since its beginnings, travel consistently informs the house’s olfactory creations. It’s a state of mind that’s ever poised to venture out and conquer the world, with an insatiable curiosity, and a lightness of being, that embraces discovery — and it serves as a continuous inspiration for Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. After creating a first collection of women’s fragrances in 2016, which was followed by a range of men’s fragrances in 2018, the perfumer has mastered a new journey: four scented candles that transform the home into another ambiance.

Nestled in daring ceramic containers designed by Marc Newson, these candles travel easily from one room to the next thanks to a handle in hand-stitched natural leather, anchored by a metal rivet. Their matte white finish contrasts with the sensuality of natural leather and a gleaming gold-finished lid that doubles as a base when the candle burns. Like souvenirs brought back home from faraway horizons, Louis Vuitton ceramic candles are designed to bring a long-lasting touch to home décor and take on new life once the candle is gone.

Wishing to capture the scent that wafts through natural settings and to transport it indoors, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud imagined each of his first four Louis Vuitton candles like a house with windows open to the world — or a poetic breeze that comes from outside and settles indoors. This season, each of the perfumer’s creations draws on landscapes discovered while travelling, as well as the homes where the candle’s fragrance alights.

L’Air du Jardin
A profusion of roses in the middle of May.

Île Blanche
Iced tea with citrus on an indigo archipelago.

Feuilles d’Or
A patchouli grows in a flamboyant forest.

Dehors Il Neige
Pine needles and an infusion of spices

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