Louis Vuitton’s new It-Bag is just for your lipstick

Louis Vuitton’s new It-Bag is just for your lipstick

For those who prize their red lipstick above almost all else, Louis Vuitton has created a portable, fashion-month-ready lipstick case that’s branded with the house’s iconic monogram.

Inspired by delicate makeup and jewellery cases from the 1920s, the mini cylinder can be worn as an eye-catching statement necklace, cross body accessory, or even as an add-on draped over the handles of a brown Speedy carryall.

Launching now in silver or gold, the cases are brilliantly crafted with a handy mirror tucked inside for on-the-go touchups. And with Valentine’s Day coming fast, there’s no better time to gift yourself with a well-deserved token of appreciation. Losing a matte bullet in your bag, or having it crowd a pocket? Officially a thing of the past.


Louis Vuitton Lipstick Case is now available at select Louis Vuitton stores.

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