Louis Vuitton’s Walk in the Park shows off latest men’s collections

Louis Vuitton’s Walk in the Park shows off latest men’s collections

As part of the “Walk in the Park” series, the Men’s fashion events taking place in January in Paris, the Louis Vuitton App allows the public to interact with Virgil Abloh’s visual world.

Highlighting the symbolic power of style and tailoring to express newfound power and freedom, the campaign brings together the collection’s mix of influences including the season’s ska-inspired Damier-like checkerboard motif. Uniting people of diverse backgrounds, the musical genre of ska wove a wardrobe suspended between Jamaica dress and subcultural interpretations of British tailoring and exemplifies Virgil Abloh’s approach to his ongoing Louis Vuitton collections.

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I strive to employ fashion to reflect and affect ideals of inclusivity, unity and humanity.
Virgil Abloh

Photographed by Tim Walker, the campaign images accentuate the collection’s aspect of fantasy and the boyhood ideology that Abloh refers to throughout his Louis Vuitton collections’ arc. Starting with the formative idea of seeing the world through the experiences of a young man, the collection proposes an alternative to rationalism in order to imagine the impossible.

The collection’s ethos is embodied by the “Zoooom with Friends” crew, imaginary characters that appear in various forms from oversized balloons to accessories. Each different to the other, the puppets represent the fundamental belief in inclusivity and multiculturalism embedded within the Louis Vuitton Men’s collections.

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