Step into the Upside Down with MAC x Stranger Things as playful colours collide with subversive shades – all ready to transform your look in an instant.

Ahead of the release of its fourth and final season, Netflix’s renowned series Stranger Things has teamed up with MAC on a makeup collection. Combining the beauty aesthetic from the show’s 1980s setting with otherworldly alien flavours, the collection includes a selection of eye shadow palettes, powder blushes, Lipglasses, and brushes. Like the TV series, the makeup collection is “spirited, adventurous, and fun,” according to MAC senior makeup artist Fatima Thomas.


The collaboration offers two different eye shadow palettes – The Hawkins Class of 1986 Eye Palette, which has all ’80s inspired shades, including Surfer Boy Pizza (nude-pink), Hawkins High (dark green), and Melvald’s General Store (bright aqua), and The Void palette which is much edgier with shades that are Spores (muted silver), Mind Flayer (olive green), and Creel House (shimmering navy).

The two powder blushes are Friends Don’t Lie (soft pink) and He Likes It Cold (muted red). The lip glosses are available in an array of colours including pinks, reds, green, and black, with eccentric names such as Erie El, Marvelous Max, and Skull Rock. The two makeup brushes in the collection are the 217SES and the 140SES, which can be used for applying blush, highlighter, or eye shadow.

Stranger Things’ last season’s first part arrives on Netflix on May 27. The MAC x Stranger Things Collection will be available exclusively at MAC stores and from May 15th.