Feel like your pre-travel time could be spent on something more productive? Step right up

Last year, over 100 million people travelled through London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports alone – racking up around 178 minutes of ‘lost time’ as we wait around to take off. Ever felt like you could have spent that airport time doing something a bit more productive? Enter, Marie Claire Jet Style.

Founded by editorial and celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur Steph Stephenson, 215 multi-service salons will roll out across UK airport and train station hubs, starting with King’s Cross St Pancras – so you can get your hair and nails fixed before travelling.

‘My lightbulb moment came when I realised that, like the 123,000 other women travelling through Heathrow, it had been a mad dash to get manicured and styled before I left, then I was sitting in an airport for two hours wasting time,’ explains Steph. ‘I wondered why, when 75% of us work full time, there wasn’t an option to maximise this lost time.’


These multi-service salons will be located in major transport hubs, offering travellers manis, pedis and blow dries in under 45 minutes.

The first salon will open in Kings Cross St Pancras before rolling out globally to train stations and airports from April 2020.