Michael Kors teams with Google to launch first smartwatch

Michael Kors teams with Google to launch first smartwatch

U.S. fashion label Michael Kors is proving that technology can be both glamorous and effortless with the introduction of the Michael Kors Access smartwatch.

To enhance its timepiece offerings, Michael Kors turned to Baselworld in Basel, Switzerland, the watch industry’s most prestigious event, to present its first smartwatch.

Using Android Wear as a platform, the Michael Kors Access watch brings together fashion and technology for a display smartwatch. Expected to go on sale in Autumn 2016, the Michael Kors Access watch is geared toward a fashion-focused female consumer with a design focused on style and innovation.

Consumers will be able to sync either an iPhone or Android smartphone with the watch through a partnership with Google. As with many similar display smartwatches, the Michael Kors Access will be customizable to fit with the needs of the wearer and her lifestyle.

The touchscreen display will include social media updates, alerts for texts and application notifications. Wearers can also use the Michael Kors Access for smart help from Google, a built-in fitness tracker and voice-activated Google search capabilities.

A sneak peak of the Michael Kors Access was shared to social media through a campaign video. The video juxtaposes two women who are picked up by a third in a sky blue vintage automobile on a palm tree-lined Beverly Hills, CA street and images of the Michael Kors Access smartwatch.

The trio are shown enjoying the ride, snapping selfies and sipping iced coffees to express that they are carefree, as their Michael Kors Access watches fit within their lifestyles and will notify them of any alerts, letting them appreciate life’s pleasures.

In a brand statement, brand founder Michael Kors said, “I’m in the business of making people’s lives easier through fashion. I thought, ‘Why can’t tech accessories be chic and glamorous?’

“You wear them every day. After all, technology is impacting life more and more,” he said. “It should reflect your personal taste as much as anything else, but it should also give you access to all the experiences that you want.”

The Michael Kors Access features exclusive display faces that change with a simple swipe, allowing the wearer to determine if the smartwatch will be a digital chronograph design for hitting the gym or an animate pavé for an evening out. The smartwatch also includes interchangeable leather and silicone wristbands to further purchase the Michael Kors Access.

Available in a sporty men’s version as well, the Michael Kors Access will be available at brand boutiques, Michael Kors’ Web site and select department and speciality stores in fall 2016. The Michael Kors Access will have a starting price of $395.

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