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Moncler reveals its first fragrances – complete with LED messages and metallic jackets

Moncler reveals its first fragrances – complete with LED messages and metallic jackets

Like its fashion, Moncler’s first fragrances — for women and for men — mix high-tech and luxurious heritage elements.

Called Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme, the scents take a cue from nature, exploration and discovery, longstanding key facets of the high-end sportswear brand.

“The first basic idea was to take the form of a flask that you can find when people are in the mountains,” explained Philippe Benacin, chairman and chief executive officer of Interparfums SA, which holds Moncler’s fragrance license. He added that in fact, mountains and wide open spaces inspired the whole project.

Moncler’s 150-ml., refillable bottle comes with a rectangular LED screen on its middle, allowing for illuminated messages in scrolling red letters to be displayed. These can be personalized with a Bluetooth-powered smartphone application.

The bottles’ “borraccia” shape is meant to reflect the house’s sporty roots, and the flacon’s silver-coloured ribbing nods to Moncler down jackets’ quilting.

While the women’s bottle includes clear glass through which the fragrance’s amber juice can be seen and a white Moncler tag, the men’s version is topped with a silver dipped effect and a black branded label. The two bottles’ shapes differ slightly, with the iteration for women more rounded at the base.

Outer packaging comes in matte cardboard with Moncler’s logo and the brand’s signature felted patch.

Fragrance is the newest product category for the Italian brand, which spans jackets, ready-to-wear and accessories.


Innovation was important for the perfume project.

“When you enter a Moncler store, you sense innovation. You feel like you are at the forefront of many things,” said Benacin.

The Moncler Genius project, for instance, is a creative hub involving guest designers.

Each Moncler eau de parfum contains a Mountain Woods accord, which is exclusive to the brand and was formulated by Givaudan perfumers. The scents contain a mélange of natural and high-tech ingredients.

“The Mountain Woods accord is the common thread between the women’s and men’s fragrance,” said perfumer Nisrine Grillié, in a statement. “For its woody, outdoors feeling, we used cedarwood. For the stylish sophistication of the house, we worked with a saturation of amber. Together with Antoine Maisondieu, we added sandalwood for its comforting, creamy warmth.”


Moncler Pour Femme is a woody musky fragrance conceived by Grillié and Quentin Bisch. The scent’s top includes a “Powdery Snow” accord.

“You sense the very wide spaces, pure air,” said Benacin.

“Quentin Bisch and myself wanted to keep the freshness and minerality of snow with the warm, comforting sensuality of wood notes,” continued Grillié. “Moncler Pour Femme needed to smell powdery like fresh snow, but with a feeling that you really want to wrap yourself up in it. Think of fresh powder on a mountain top with the sunlight shining through the snowflakes — that is the exclusive Powdery Snow accord we created for this scent.”

Other notes include Italian bergamot, jasmine sambac and heliotrope, plus the Mountain Woods accord, which has amber, cedarwood and sandalwood notes that fuse with a natural vanillin.

Moncler Pour Homme is a woody aromatic created by Maisondieu and Christophe Raynaud that’s meant to channel an alpine forest’s beauty with a heady dose of woody notes. Here, Moncler’s exclusive Alpine Green accord is combined with a clary sage note.

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