Montblanc Great Characters collection gets a new member with Miles Davis: A Tribute To A Pioneer Of Jazz Music – see more below…

With its Great Characters Limited Edition writing instruments, Montblanc pays homage to the exceptional individuals whose lives and work have made a lasting impact on human civilization. Few musicians have had as immeasurable influence on modern culture as Miles Davies, one of the most important musicians and jazz composers of the 20th century.

Over five decades from his early performances as a talented trumpeter in the 1940s to his pivotal role in giving birth to the “cool” jazz school and his many musical reinventions, Miles Davis became known as one of the most influential and innovative jazz musicians of all time. He constantly pushed boundaries by exploring new musical directions creatively fusing different genres whether rock, jazz or funk, and earning him a place of honour in the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. Beyond the outstanding sound captured on his many recordings, his greatest legacy was to successfully shape the course of modern improvisational music, cementing his reputation as the enduring icon of hip.

Miles Davis’s innovative approach to musical exploration is interpreted through pioneering design and fine craftsmanship that are at the very heart of Montblanc’s heritage. The unique trumpet shape makes the latest Great Characters Limited Edition stand out, complete with trumpet valves on the clip and a cone shaped like the special “Heim” mouthpiece Miles Davis used to play. Sharp and sleek like the music created by this icon of jazz, the Montblanc Great Characters Miles Davis Special Edition features a cap and barrel in precious black resin with its contrasting platinum-coated fittings with the distinctive trumpet piston design found in each of the three editions and mouthpiece-shaped cone. Black on black, the pattern on cap and barrel brings to life the five diverse movements Miles Davis was part of: Be-bob, the style that dominated the early part of his career, Cool Jazz and the Miles Davis nonet that performed on the seminal “Birth of Cool” recordings, Hard Bop with its African influences, Modal Jazz with an oriental theme and finally Jazz Fusion represented by the mixed shapes and techniques.

Available in Fountain Pen, Rollerball and Ballpoint Pen, this edition features the Montblanc emblem in classic black and white precious resin.Miles Davis was an innovator, defying traditional rules to create music that would break down social and cultural boundaries at a time when the world was changing. His new style of music would become a symbol of strength amid oppression and segregation. With each of its creative details, the Great Characters Edition tells the story of an extraordinary man always searching for a new sound or style, a cultural icon who would influence the course of 20th century music forever. Limited to just 90 pieces in celebration of what would have been his 90th birthday in 2016, the Montblanc Great Characters Miles Davis Limited Edition 90 tells the story of this music legend’s accomplishments through the intricate engravings and the elaborate skeleton pattern on the white gold cap and barrel.

Achieved through the artistry of Montblanc artisans, every meticulous detail evokes the five major phases of the evolution of American Jazz led by Miles Davis. The skeletonized cap with intarsia creates a three-dimensional effect, with a striking trumpet in red gold inlaid into the design. Under the Au750 white gold, a translucent resin underlay in blue recalls the colour theme of one of Davis’ studio albums ‘Kind of Blue’ regarded by many critics as his masterpiece and one of the greatest jazz recordings of all time. The elegant tone of blue also features as colourful accent at the end of the cone.

A delicate engraving of the trumpet keys adorns the rhodium coated Au750 solid gold nib of the fountain pen. Crowning the writing instrument, the Montblanc emblem is crafted from precious mother of pearl.With a limitation number based on the year of his birth, the trumpet-shaped Montblanc Great Characters Miles Davis Limited Edition 1926 is a masterpiece of the finest Montblanc engraving.

The elegant design staged on the platinum-coated cap and barrel brings to life Miles Davis’ imprint on the evolution of American music picking up the different movements this pioneer stood by. The translucent blue glowing through the openings in the barrel recalls the theme of his greatest album. Available as a fountain pen or roller ball, this edition features platinum-coated fittings and the Montblanc emblem at the top of the cap is made of black and white agate stone. Every minute detail pays tribute to Miles Davis’ achievements and legacy including the fine engraving on the Au750 solid gold nib of this musical genius’ silhouette.

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