A flagship brand of the Rothschild family for 90 years, Mouton Cadet was the visionary brainchild of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, who wanted to make all the richness of the prestigious Bordeaux terroir accessible to as many people as possible.

The outcome of a wonderful human adventure between Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s winemakers and partner winegrowers, the recently launched Mouton Cadet Organic Red and Mouton Cadet Organic Rosé bear witness to the brand’s commitment to protecting the environment

Mouton Cadet Organic Red: an eco-responsible, succulent and accessible wine

Mouton Cadet Organic Red reflects the desire to promote a more eco-responsible approach to winegrowing in the Bordeaux vineyard. Attentive to consumer expectations, Mouton Cadet’s winemakers and partner winegrowers have made a wine that is rooted in the brand’s values: to create good and beautiful things while respecting people and the Earth.

The result? A succulent and subtly spicy wine with generous red and black fruit aromas and flavours!

Mouton Cadet Organic Rosé: a fruit-forward, fresh and fun wine

Mouton Cadet unveils an organic and vegan rosé that respects the richness of the Bordeaux terroir and the know-how of the men and women who work in it. Made in a style inspired by the French Atlantic coast lifestyle, bright and untamed as the sun and the ocean, its character is expressed both in the blend and on the label.

Sharing common values, with this new selection Mouton Cadet and Lagardère Travel Retail France demonstrate their commitment to meeting the expectations of consumers concerned for the environment and their health.

Mouton Cadet Organic Red and Mouton Cadet Organic Rosé have been available in Aelia Duty Free and Buy Paris Duty Free stores since June 2022, priced at €12.90 incl. VAT.