Neuhaus delivers Easter treats to Brussels & Amsterdam airports

Neuhaus delivers Easter treats to Brussels & Amsterdam airports

The airports of both Zaventem (Brussels) and Schiphol (Amsterdam) are animated by the Easter collection of Neuhaus.

With products like Easter bunnies, a large assortment of colourful Easter eggs, the collection is very successful. The masterpiece of this collection is the giant artisanal Easter egg.

Celebrate Easter 2017 with the best Easter chocolate from Belgium. The Neuhaus Easter 2017 collection features beautiful gift packaging inspired by the Impressionist paintings of Monet at Giverny.

Discover milk, dark, and white chocolate eggs, charming Easter bunny gift boxes, deluxe Easter gifts, and classic pralines in spring ballotins.

The pièce de résistance in our Easter Collection weighs no less than 10kg and is completely handmade! This exclusive creation is made of a nougatine Easter Egg centerpiece which is surrounded with a dark chocolate creation, placed on a pedestal made of dark chocolate with puffed rice.

Curious about how this egg is completely handmade by our Créateur Chocolatier? Watch it here

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