NEW: Diorshow – backstage beauty comes to the fore

NEW: Diorshow – backstage beauty comes to the fore

The Diorshow range has been reinvented to structure the eyes using the latest techniques developed by the make-up artists backstage at Dior fashion shows. See more…

Backstage at the shows is the place where Dior make-up is born. Developed to set off the couture creations, the textures and colours that enhance the beauty of the eyes lend the final touch to the looks on the runway. It’s a level of know-how that has inspired the House’s make-up from the start, in particular the Diorshow line, “inseparable from the spirit of the Dior backstage scene”, according to Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Make-up. The new arrivals in the range pair professional performance with simplified application to create eyes like no other. The Diorshow Maximizer 3D mascara base increases the effect of the lashes while Diorshow Mono eye shadows enhance the eyelids with a broad spectrum of colour.





Behind the scenes at the shows, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Make-up, takes his inspiration from the House’s couture creations to give structure to the models’ eyes. Influenced by these innovative techniques, the Dior research laboratories offer a new formula enriched with Diorshow Maximizer 3D. This three-in-one mascara base deep-down revitalises and heightens the eyelids’ natural dimensions through the addition of a regenerating care product. When combined with Diorshow mascara, the intensity of its colour is revealed as it simultaneously triples lash volume. The Pro Liner, available in four new colours, gives eyes a devastatingly feminine allure.

To further enhance the eyes, the Diorshow Mono palette has been reinvented with thirty new shades to tint eyelids with dazzling colors that boast long-lasting hold. Translating the look of the House’s fabrics into make-up, it comes in four new couture effects: satin, matte, pearlized and lamé. To lend that all-important final touch, All-in-Brow 3D eye shadow highlights the eyebrows through high-definition contouring.

Eyelids get the full eye shadow treatment with a panoply of shades from the Diorshow Mono palette.






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