Penfolds unveils g3, a controversial blend of three Grange vintages

Penfolds unveils g3, a controversial blend of three Grange vintages

Penfolds has released a special wine blended from three Grange vintages spanning seven years – 2008, 2012 and 2014 (a vintage to be globally released in 2018). Aptly named Penfolds g3, this unique blend expertly entwines the three Grange vintages to create a completely unique Penfolds expression. A first for Penfolds.

“A blend of blends. Why not? An expression spanning vineyards and vintages, retaining 100% Grange DNA. This Penfolds g3 release celebrates both the past and the future.” Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker

Penfolds g3 – a continuum of a 1951-commenced endeavour

With only 1200 bottles available on this Planet, this is a very special and rare release. Penfolds g3 represents the true essence of Grange; where pioneering spirit meets time-honoured Fortified & Champagne philosophies & winemaking techniques. The result is a stunning Penfolds wine innovation intrinsically linked to the winemaking philosophy which stretches back to 1951.

Launched on 18 October at Liang Yi Museum Hong Kong, g3 comes in a limited edition of 1,200 individually numbered bottles.

With g3 writ large on a smart, modern label and a tall, dark green heavy-duty, broad-shouldered bottle, the wax-sealed package has luxury written all over it.

Gago concedes that g3 will be a wine to be collected, invested in and inherited, but laughs off the idea that it will be solely an investor’s plaything. He hopes, and believes, that that there will be wine lovers and wine clubs who will buy it to drink and share.

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