Poliakov Vodka reveals KRYO ‘frozen’ limited edition

Poliakov Vodka reveals KRYO ‘frozen’ limited edition

POLIAKOV Vodka introduces KRYO EDITION, its latest series of limited edition bottles, playing with transparency and starifying its iconic eagle.

In echo of its new communication campaign Born In The Ice Dimension, POLIAKOV vodka brand reveals a fully sleeved glassware in the same icy and extreme theme. Greatly highlighting its unique universe with POLIAKOV iconic eagle magnified by a transparency effect, the artwork also reflects the freezing cold dimension of the brand.

Its curious name KRYO is an emphasis as well, meaning “Cold” in Greek.

Aiming to have a year-end highlight on the brand, this limited edition is also connected thanks to a QR code redirecting to a reveal video for a complete immersion in the POLIAKOV universe.

“POLIAKOV Vodka is proud to launch, this year again, a new limited edition in order to enhance the brand visibility and share its glacial DNA with consumers. This limited edition will contain the same multi-awarded 100% pure grain & triple distilled vodka.” says Manon Brochet, POLIAKOV International Brand Manager.

The limited edition will be available in 70cl and 100cl formats from November till the end of the year, in POLIAKOV main markets.

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