Porsche Design is launching into 2023 at full throttle, by taking its collaboration with Patrick Dempsey to the next level. As a Brand Ambassador, the actor has been the face of Porsche Design Eyewear since 2021; now the passionate racing driver is launching a jointly-designed collection of sunglasses and prescription frames.

The new models, the P’8965 sunglasses and the P’8754 prescription frames, launched for travelling shoppers in January.

Besides the initials “PD”, both Dempsey and Porsche Design share deep roots in motorsport and a common passion for precision and perfection; shared values which are also embodied in their new exclusive and limited edition collection.

“Porsche has always held a special place in my life. Whether as a racing driver or co-owner of a racing team, the brand exudes a special passion and performance for me that I have always felt connected to. This is precisely why I value Porsche Design as a brand for the highest quality and functionality. Now to be actively involved in the design and creation process of an eyewear edition that bears my name makes me very happy and honored. The exchange with the design experts was very exciting and inspiring,” says Patrick Dempsey.

Inspired by the Racetrack. Designed with Passion.

Flashback to Los Angeles in April 2022. Patrick Dempsey and the creative design team from Porsche Design are bent over design sketches, strongly focused, until deep into the evening. A wide variety of color and material samples lie on the table. They are constantly being reassembled, compared, and discussed. The search is not just for a new design, but for the best solution that combines aesthetics and functionality and meets the high standards of everyone involved.

In January 2023, Porsche Design and Patrick Dempsey unveil the result of this intensive development process and present the Porsche Design Eyewear by Patrick Dempsey Edition.

The result is two fresh editions: the P’8965 sunglasses in a black-grey-blue as well as a black-grey color combination and the P’8754 prescription frame in gray-black or gold-black.

The new collection embodies refined and timeless, understated style for everyday use, yet the design makes an unmistakable fashion statement – both on the racetrack, on the red carpet or in everyday life. At the heart of the edition is the use of an exceptionally high-quality material that embodies pure racing DNA: Carbon.

“I have long been fascinated by the carbon fiber components in my Porsche 991 Carrera. They are lightweight, robust, and absolutely reliable,” explains Dempsey.

The strength and durability of the corrosion-resistant material also make it ideal for manufacturing eyewear.

As the Carbon Fiber Face Lift, the newly developed, dynamic eyewear temple is made of carbon fibers, stainless steel and rubber, giving it lightness, aesthetics and an optimal fit. The narrow, sporty temple shape also forms an exciting contrast to the striking front, which is characterized by a double bridge that gives it volume.

Perfect Vision on and off the Road

The aspiration to develop an edition for the highest performance is also reflected in the glazing of the sunglasses with VISION DRIVE™ Polarized lenses or VISION DRIVE™ Polarized XTR lenses, which Patrick Dempsey and the Porsche Design team deliberately opted for.

With maximum reduction of reflections and glare on wet and slippery surfaces, the lenses offer the best possible vision for dynamic driving as well as for everyday use. The high-end VISION DRIVE™ Polarized XTR lenses also feature an innovative combination of polarization and integrated contour and contrast perception, which offer decisive optical advantages, especially in low sun in the morning and evening hours.

The models, limited to 1,500 per colour variant, are available immediately at www.porsche-design.com and from selected retailers.