Prada has unveiled its Re-Nylon 2024 collection with a campaign featuring actors and activists Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch captured by renowned fashion photographer Willy Vanderperre.

Nylon, deeply ingrained in Prada’s history, has been a signature material since the late 1970s. Miuccia Prada transformed this pragmatic material, incorporating it into Prada’s accessories and redefining contemporary luxury. Over the years, Prada has continued to innovate with nylon, integrating it into both accessories and ready-to-wear collections and establishing it as a symbol of modern luxury.

The Prada Re-Nylon collection, launched in 2019, represents a significant shift in the brand’s philosophy, placing sustainability at the forefront. This innovative line includes men’s and women’s accessories and ready-to-wear items, all made from regenerated nylon. Prada’s conversion of all its virgin nylon production to regenerated nylon is a groundbreaking commitment to sustainability by a major luxury house.

Prada’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond its product lines. Since July 2023, 1% of the proceeds from the Prada Re-Nylon collection have been supporting SEA BEYOND, an educational program initiated by the Prada Group in partnership with UNESCO‘s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. The program aims to raise global awareness of sustainability and ocean literacy, aligning with Prada Group’s commitment to societal concerns and the importance of education and culture.