Rag & Bone debuts 8 (yes, Eight) unisex fragrances

Rag & Bone debuts 8 (yes, Eight) unisex fragrances

Rag & Bone will land its first foray into fragrance on October 11 and shoppers will have an entire wardrobe of scents to choose from.

18 months of development led to eight eau de parfums, all unisex: Amber, Rose, Oud, Oddity, Neroli, Encens, Cypress, and Bergamot.

“We approached fragrance in the same way we approach all new collections – we started with classic components and built them out with qualities that are quintessentially rag & bone,” CEO Marcus Wainwright said in a statement. “The collection celebrates the individual; we wanted each scent to create a unique connection with its wearer.”

gallery-1475769898-rag-bone-fragranceEach 50ml bottle is $140 and will be available on

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