Rémy Martin unveils Tercet – a new Fine Champagne Cognac inspired by Three Artisans

Rémy Martin unveils Tercet – a new Fine Champagne Cognac inspired by Three Artisans

Tercet Cognac is the new expression from Rémy Martin celebrating superior craftmanship.

Rémy Martin announces Tercet, the new permanent extension of the leading Cognac Fine Champagne house.

Tercet [ter-cet] noun: Three lines of poetry rhyming together to form a poem.

Tercet is an inspiration from 3 artisans: Rémy Martin’s Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau, Wine Master Francis Nadeau, and Master Distiller Jean-Marie Bernard. The complimentary trio worked together distilling, blending, and forming a bond of companionship whilst this new cognac took shape. They combined their expertise to reveal the best of the Cognac terroir and the essence of grapes from Petite and Grande Champagne. The result is a blend from a selection of fresh and fruit-forward of eaux-de-vie (distillates) with a singular taste profile that breaks the conventions of cognac. A blend that is the epitome of the Rémy Martin ethos, one of collaboration for excellence.

Baptiste Loiseau joined the House of Rémy Martin in 2007, first training under the former Master Pierrette Trichet. Agronomist and Oenologist, Cognac-born Loiseau is passionate about wine and cognac. His advanced discernment of taste and aromas, and his holistic knowledge of the process of making exceptional cognac, position him as the leading edge of innovation in Cognac.

While still in training with Trichet, Loiseau identified a singular kind of eaux-de-vie as part of his research. These eaux-de-vie, which originated from the vineyards of Francis Nadeau – a loyal partner of Remy Martin’s for generations – varied in taste from those traditionally used by Rémy Martin: it was more fruit-forward, more “raw”, and closer to the essence of the grapes. Baptiste became convinced that these eaux-de-vie had the potential for an exceptional, new defining blend and began to set them aside every year for future use.


After becoming Cellar Master in 2014, he decided to further explore how these eaux-de-vie could reveal a new signature style for the house. To test this intuition, Loiseau sought the expertise of Nadeau and Bernard. Together, they explored the aromatic profile, finding a new angle on Cognac, that allows the flavor of grapes to be fully appreciated.

“At Rémy Martin we are free to experiment and create new blends, so when I found this unique eaux-de-vie I dared to explore what it could become,” said Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau. “Working in tandem with fellow experts and, more importantly, long-time friends Francis Nadeau and Jean-Marie Bernard to see the entire process through, our vision came to life as a novel Fine Champagne cognac, precisely to the standards of the Maison.”

When tasting Tercet, one immediately discovers a new facet of cognac that is both discerning and delicious. On the nose there is an explosion of fresh notes of fruits, reminiscent of the grapes of Petite and Grande Champagne. Extremely round, it coats the palate, punctuated with notes of exotic fruits, and spices. The finale, with a touch of toasted almond, is extremely long and complex.

Rémy Martin Tercet is 84 proof (42% alc. vol.), the highest of all existing Rémy Martin blends. This higher alcohol content drives the flavor and maintains the essence of the grape through the tasting experience. Tercet is best served in a white Burgundy wine glass. White Burgundy is traditionally aged on the lees, the same way Remy Martin distills its spirits on the lees, a defining and distinct feature of the House. The high stemmed glass with a narrow top enhances the purity and freshness of the blend. Recommended to be enjoyed on ice, the essence of the fruit is revealed.

Tercet is a tribute to the origins of Rémy Martin as the only major Cognac house founded by a winemaker in 1724. Now, ready to be released first in the United States – in limited amounts – Tercet celebrates an alchemy that embodies perfection.

Tercet is available for purchase in select states and online retailers within the US.

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