Iconic German chocolate specialist Ritter Sport is getting the New Year off to a vegan start with a new travel retail exclusive.

The Travel Retail Edition Vegan Tower 5x 100g set will launch globally in March this year offering three delicious varieties of non-dairy chocolate in a five-pack.

Made for everyone who wants a chocolate treat, but without the dairy content, the Ritter Sport TRE Vegan Tower certainly does not miss out on flavour! Every vegan Ritter Sport colourful square is just as chocolatey and delicious as the regular varieties

Ritter Sport’s Travel Retail Edition Vegan Tower offers three of the company’s 100g vegan bar offer, including two new flavours introduced on domestic markets in January 2023: Roasted Peanut and Salted Caramel. Ritter Sport has continuously increased its vegan product range in recent years, with sales more than doubling since 2018. Reason enough to offer a Travel Retail Edition.

Travel Retail Edition NPD: Vegan Tower 5x100g:

“Vegan is here to stay and an increasing number of consumers – and therefore travellers – are looking for versions of familiar products that meet their dietary choices, for whatever reason they may be,” says Nicole Miltenberger, Ritter Sport Marketing MGMT Global Travel Retail. “Chocolate is certainly a key product within the vegan sphere and we are seeing consumer demand growing globally with 6 out of 10 consumers willing to increase their consumption of vegan or vegetarian confectionery – that is a trend that we expect to grow. It makes sense, therefore, to expand our travel retail offer – not just with a vegan offer, but one which has additional appeal by being exclusive to the channel.”

The new Travel Retail Edition Vegan Tower 5x100g offers three selected Ritter Sport Vegan varieties packed with the best ingredients and containing cocoa from 100% sustainable certified cocoa sources, encased in a colourful gift box. “When you eat chocolate, you want to enjoy it. Really enjoy it, with full flavour,” continues Miltenberger. “We have worked extremely hard to ensure that our TRE Vegan Tower will offer consumers exactly that, combining the three varieties that we believe will have the most traveller appeal.”

With Smooth Chocolate, Ritter Sport offers full taste without milk. Mild, creamy and yet still vegan.

The second flavour, Salted Caramel is all about sweet meets salty. Thanks to the crunchy caramel pieces and the slight hint of salt in the creamy-mild Ritter Sport almond-based chocolate, consumers don’t have to choose between sweet and salty.

And finally, Roasted Peanuts offers crunchy roasted and salted peanuts in creamy-mild Ritter Sport almond-based chocolate.

The Ritter Sport Vegan Tower is an ideal gift choice for all chocolate lovers with a passion for those who don‘t want to give up anything – especially not taste. The new TRE Vegan Tower is perfect for travellers on the go, for snacking before, in between, and afterwards.