Rituals brings The Ritual of Yalda Winter Limited Edition collection to travellers

Rituals brings The Ritual of Yalda Winter Limited Edition collection to travellers

Rituals has unveiled its Winter Limited Edition 2018 – The Ritual of Yalda. Inspired by the ancient Persian festival, The Ritual of Yalda is designed to help consumers find warmth, light and well-being during long, winter nights.

During the traditional celebration, people gather with loved ones, make wishes and eat the last of the remaining summer fruits such as pomegranate and watermelon to celebrate the arrival of winter. The Ritual of Yalda collection is based on the warming essence of soothing pomegranate and the refreshing aroma of watermelon. Both watermelon and pomegranate are known for their antioxidant and skin soothing properties.

The Ritual of Yalda collection comprises several products which are designed to add warmth to winter nights and help overcome winter fatigue, including the Hafez Scented Candle and Fragrance Sticks.

Bath and shower products include Wishful Foaming Shower Gel and three Fizzing Bath Bombs which leave skin feeling smooth. After showering or bathing, Rituals recommends using the silicone, paraben and mineral oil-free Body Cream.

A special nourishing kitchen set is also available, comprising a pomegranate and watermelon-infused Hand Wash and Hand Balm. The relaxing ritual is continued with the Massage Candle and Organic Herbal Infusion Tea, featuring pomegranate, winter spices and almonds.

An important part of the Yalda festival involves people sitting around a korsi, a low table with a heater inside, and reading poetry by the 14th century mystic poet Hafez. Everyone around the table is then asked to make a wish. To celebrate this tradition Rituals has created a Fulfil Your Wish Box, comprising a ceramic bowl, perfumed wishing paper and a match box. Once a wish has been written down, the sheet should be lit and gently blown out to release the oils.

A Limited Edition Gift Set completes The Ritual of Yalda collection. The luxury box includes The Ritual of Yalda Foaming Shower Gel, Body Cream, Scented Candle and Bath bomb.

All Ritual of Yalda products are available now in Rituals’ stand-alone travel retail stores.


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