Rituals reveals new Jing collection to help you relax and sleep

Rituals reveals new Jing collection to help you relax and sleep

Rituals has added a new collection to its offer that is inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of Jing, representing calmness, stillness and tranquillity.

The Ritual of Jing comprises two ranges – Relax and Sleep – and helps consumers create a personal sanctuary where they can escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. The Ritual of Jing is available immediately in Rituals’ travel retail locations globally.

The Relax range provides a calming and soothing experience with its warm, floral fragrance based on the essential oils of sacred lotus and jujube, combined with a bouquet of intense blossoms, soft woods and musks.

Rituals recommends incorporating The Ritual of Jing products into everyday routines to help keep stress levels at a minimum. The morning routine can begin with the Foaming Shower Gel, a gentle foaming body cleanser, followed by an invigorating Body Scrub composed of ultra-fine bamboo particles and a rich cream base to awaken skin. Once dry, Rituals recommends applying a nourishing layer of Body Cream and a spritz of the Hair and Body Mist Fragrance.

Other products in the collection have been designed to encourage consumers to take a break midway through the day. The easy-to-use Relaxing Serum roller, which combines refreshing Chinese peppermint and relaxing Jujube, offers a 10-second stress fix while the soothing Scented Candle helps calm mental state. The Ritual of Jing Relax Tea, infused with Chamomile and Verbena, can be enjoyed at any point during the day and the nourishing Hand Lotion can be worked into knuckles, cuticles and the webbing between the thumb and index finger of hands for a relaxing massage. Lastly, the Hair and Body Mist can be sprayed to provide a soothing scent.

The Sleep collection features a tranquil fragrance, based on the essential oils of Lavender and Sacred Wood, which helps to promote quality sleep. The scent opens up with fresh, citrus notes that build to a heart of lavender, leading to a woody and musky base. Products in the Sleep collection encourage customers to start slowing down in the evening with a pre-bedtime routine.

Scent and emotions are closely linked so with this in mind, Rituals has created a scented Massage Candle that contains essential nourishing and moisturising oils that help soothe the skin and enhance the quality of sleep. The Ritual of Jing Sleep Tea contains a high-quality herbal infusion of lavender and valerian and should be drank no less than two hours before bedtime to encourage a deep sleep.

The nourishing Shower Oil, enriched with calming Sacred Wood and sleep-enhancing Lavender, transforms into a silky soft foam when it comes in contact with water. Magnesium Bath Crystals contain ingredients such as Lavender, Sacred Wood and Magnesium, which immediately create a calming effect. Once out of the shower/bath, Rituals recommends smoothing the quick-absorbing Dry Oil from the tips of fingers to the tips of hair.

A Foot Mask helps soothe tired feet before getting into bed and completing the pre-bedtime routine with the Pillow Mist, which helps gently guide consumers into a deep sleep.

Neil Ebbutt, Rituals Director Travel Retail, comments: “All too often our health is compromised when travelling due to a number of reasons, including stress, jet lag and a change in environment. We’re confident that by incorporating The Ritual of Jing into their daily routines, travellers will be relieved of stress and able to unwind after a long journey.”

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