Parisian luxury accessories Maison, Roger Vivier, opened the doors to its third boutique in Singapore in the bustling Terminal 1 of Changi Airport – the first in the brand’s growing regional retail network to boast its refreshed store concept.

Boutiques are tangible manifestations of Roger Vivier’s values, where the savoir-faire and heritage of the Maison can be appreciated up close. Upon entering the newly redesigned store, one is immediately immersed in the refined ambiance reminiscent of a French apartment, which echoes the style of the historic Parisian boutique on Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.

The eclectic spirit of the Maison, mirroring Monsieur Roger Vivier’s taste in interior design, defines the aesthetic of this new establishment. Here, traditional elements seamlessly blend with modern touches. Geometric-patterned oak parquet floors and intricate ceiling moldings draw inspiration from historic French hotel particuliers, while the walls adorned with layered stucco in shades of white, beige, and silver exude a rational yet sophisticated modernity.

Through the opening of this new boutique, the Maison’s image is dressed anew, accentuating the codes that define its identity. Soft hues of pink grace the carpets, seating, and display niches, showcasing shoes, bags, jewellery, and waistcoats. The consoles are the historic and precious ones by Hervé Van Der Straeten, while floral-shaped fixtures on mirrored walls pay homage to some of the Maison’s iconic and historic designs. Baroque mirrors, fixed directly on top of antique ones spanning entire walls, enhance their impact without disrupting the interplay of reflections. Maintaining an important connection to the Maison’s heritage, Monsieur Vivier’s collages adorn the spaces, inviting observers into a vivacious world full of joie de vivre.

This new boutique transcends mere retail space, embodying a sanctuary of luxury and French elegance. It strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity, where every element reflects the Maison’s heritage, contributing to an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication.