Embrace the MCM heritage of sophisticated rebellion with the captivating new scent: Crush Eau de Parfum. This new fragrant journey is custom-tailored for the fearless rule-breakers and forward-thinking trailblazers among us.

Inspired by the strength that emerges from female friendships, Crush Eau de Parfum celebrates the uplifting energy of sisterhood, blending florals and woods for an unforgettable experience that defies expectations.

Crush Eau de Parfum is responsibly created, adhering to a vegan and cruelty-free formula made with biodegradable ingredients and crafted using green chemistry principles.

CRUSH begins with a flirtatious coupling of ice and fire through opening notes of frozen pear and pink pepper. Once past the honeymoon phase, the infatuation deepens into a lasting love in the embrace of fresh apricot nectar, hand-picked Rose de Mai, and sensuous ambrette. This natural chemistry — starring biodegradable ingredients — is contained within the award-winning Stark Backpack bottle.