Royal Jordanian unveils new inflight duty-free shopping service

Royal Jordanian unveils new inflight duty-free shopping service

Royal Jordanian has launched a new, duty-free sales service on board its long- and medium-haul routes.

The service is offered in partnership with DFASS Group, the global in-flight duty-free retailer. Under the agreement signed with DFASS Group, the latter is using its network of product resources to formulate a unique programme for Royal Jordanian.

The onboard duty-free sales items include fragrances and cosmetics, watches, jewellery, tobacco, sunglasses, RJ-branded items and several products. Customers can pay cash for their purchases, in Jordanian dinars, euros, US dollars or British pounds, or by using a credit card.

Royal Jordanian chose DFASS after a rigorous RFP process, whereby numerous factors were evaluated, including information technology, creative sales and marketing plans, and access to various products, as well as a global operational infrastructure.

RJ’s president / CEO, Captain Suleiman Obeidat said: “Royal Jordanian’s objective to sell duty-free goods on board is an added value to the customer service it offers its passengers. This time-saving shopping experience will enable our passengers to buy their needs during their journey time.”

He added that the duty-free onboard sales will support Royal Jordanian with ancillary revenues, creating an additional opportunity to generate revenues.

DFASS VP Operations-EMEA Mario Mouarbes said: “DFASS is excited to commence operations in Jordan, and will leverage its global reach to ensure that Royal Jordanian is bringing first-class services to its passengers through state-of-the-art systems.”

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