Russian Standard Vodka has announced the exclusive launch in global travel retail of the Cloisonné Limited Edition.

The Russian Standard Vodka Cloisonné Edition is the third in the company’s successful Limited Edition series celebrating classic Russian craft.

This Travel Retail Limited Edition is inspired by the beautiful and meticulous Cloisonné artwork, highly prized by the Tsars of the Imperial Russian Court, in St. Petersburg. The ancient technique uses intricate metalwork to create exquisite patterns incorporating enamels and gemstones.

Predominantly used in jewellery-making and for decorating small objects, many of the beautiful Faberge Eggs created for the Russian Imperial family were carefully crafted with fine enamels and are the inspiration for this Limited Edition design.

The Cloisonné limited edition of Russian Standard Original will reach airport stores in November and will be priced in line with Russian Standard Original.

Ultra clean, smooth and delicious, Russian Standard Vodka is made with only the finest Russian ingredients using the principles for vodka established in 1894 by famed Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev. – The Global hub for the Global Shopper