Russian Standard Vodka has announced the exclusive launch in global travel retail of the Pavlovo Posad Limited Edition, the fourth in our successful series celebrating classic Russian craft.

This special edition is inspired by the traditional Russian shawls featuring the famous, intricately patterned textile design typical of Pavlovo Posad, a small textile region outside of Moscow.

Originating in 1795 and made popular at the Imperial Court of the Tsars by Duchess Alexandra Petrovna, these beautiful garments are still decorated to this day with hand-painted designs featuring delicate floral and traditional pattern-work. This sartorial heritage of Russia is evoked in the elaborately crafted design of this new Russian Standard Vodka Limited Edition.

Russian Standard is authentic quality vodka crafted with the finest Russian ingredients using the principles for vodka established in 1894 by famed Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev.