Russian Standard Vodka has launched a travel retail-exclusive Winter Palace expression, at the same time as updating the recipe and packaging for its Platinum edition.

Exclusive to global duty-free stores, the limited edition Russian Standard Original Winter Palace takes its name from the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Russia.

The bottle design celebrates the exterior architecture of the palace, in particular the gilded gates and central monogram feature.

Distilled using “exotic” extracts, the Winter Palace bottling is described as a “rich, warm” vodka with a “long, smooth aftertaste”.

The expression is the sixth bottling in the Russian Standard Limited Edition series, which celebrates traditional Russian craft.

Meanwhile, an updated recipe for travel retail-exclusive Russian Standard Platinum has resulted in a “softer and cleaner” taste.

The expression has been created using “innovative” production methods such as special rectification and unique silver filtration, along with an increased resting process.

A new “elegant” bottle design features glittering smoky glass, metallic silkscreen and monograms to “appeal to consumers seeking more authentic and premium brands”.

Russian Standard Platinum is priced at €23 (US$26.75) for a one-litre bottle.